About Nina Cutrara

Sales Representative

Nina specializes in selling properties in Durham, York and Toronto Areas. Her most notable claim is the ability to sell her clients homes within 5 days in a down market and finding buyers their perfect homes in less than 30 days. Nina is passionate about her work and is very active in the business and real estate communities.

Nina has been mentored by some of the Elite Canadian & American Top Real Estate Coaches. Training with them and adopting their techniques, strategies, and proven systems on how to sell her client's homes quickly, implement systems that work, negotiate strongly, build efficient businesses that serve the client, and give VIP service. communities.

Nina has been a business owner for over 30 years and has always increased her service, systems, and knowledge. She is passionate about Delivering The Best Experiences and Service to her clients and to the Real Estate industry. Growing up in Toronto as a child and Teenager, she is proud of her Sicilian and Canadian Culture. Nina's University Degree was when she was 21 years old. She travelled for 5 years in Europe, Asia, Israel, United States and Mexico to seek Worldly Education. Falling in Love with Nationalities and Cultures, Nina realized that we may Live in Different Climates, we may Eat Different Food, but we all want the same for Ourselves and our Families. Around the World people are wanting to Create a Safe, Peaceful and Successful Life and always looking to Build a Legacy for the People they Love! So knowing this, she returned to Toronto at 26 years old to exercise her Knowledge and Understandings of people, nationalities, cultures through her businesses. Which turned out to be extremely successful! Background: Nina has owned Two successful companies in Manufacturing and Retail. First was household Ceramics for 7 years. She went forward to creating her own custom line of Candles for your home, weddings and special occasions. In 2010 she began her quest for helping people Buy, Sell and Invest into Real Estate. What does this mean for you? There is No one better, no one more passionate, and no one that works as hard for their clients. With the experience, the knowledge, the strategies, techniques and secrets to get you the most money. The commission is the same whether you hire an average agent or if you hire the best. Nina feels there is no one better, no one more passionate, and no one that works as hard for their clients, than her and her team of professionals and she is looking forward to working with you.